MarexTrade s. r. o. is a company with more than 30 years tradition on the EU market with household equipment. MarexTrade s. r. o. is focused on an import and a sale of high-quality products for households mostly produced in European coutries.

MarexTrade s. r. o. has among other activities long years experience with a production of enamelled cookware. The compnay has decied to use these experience in own production of decorated enamelled products where could used some own graphic materials or custom made graphics based on customers wishes.

The enamelled products from MarexTrade s. r. o. have became immediately very popular not only on CZ market but also abroad (especialy in other EU countries). In the assortment is everything from enamelled mugs, an enamlled cookware to for example enamelled signs. So wide product portfolio in combination with more than 1 000 successfuly finished products make from the MarexTrade s. r. o. the biggest producer of enamelled decorated products in the Central Europe.